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Charter Price Contingency Insurance

Neither the yacht charted, nor the replacement yacht is being provided by the charterer at the time agreed. The assertion of the re-payment of the charter price already paid is unenforceable due to insolvency of the middlemen charter agency or charter base and the claim is cancelled. This are all insurance cases in which the charter price contingency insurance comes into effect and tries to lower the damage and to finally turns your cruise to a happy end.

In the case of insolvency of the middlemen charter agency we will reimburse the charter price collected and not transferred or reimbursed by the charter agency. In the case of insolvency of the charter agency the charter price contingency insurance reimburses the collected and not reimbursed charter price.

Additionally higher costs for flights and higher charter costs when changing the booking are reimbursed up to a sum of 1.500 € per cruise.

A low insurance premium

The insurance covers the loss of the legally established entitlement to repayment of the paid charter price of the indicated charter due to non-fulfillment of the service; providing the yacht; by the charter base caused by insolvency of the charter agency and/or charter base.

Condition: This Charter Price Contingency Insurance can only be concluded within 21 days upon the receipt of the booking confirmation.

Insurance benefit: The compensation of the damage in money up to the insurance sum. Furthermore, the insurer pays additional costs for flights and higher charter costs in case of re-bookings up to max. 1.-500,- EUR per cruise.

Charter trips of more than 5.000,- EUR/week or 15.000 EUR/cruise require an individual request.

We also charge a one-off policy fee of 6.50 EUR including the statutory insurance tax.

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