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Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

Extended Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

The advanced professional skipper liability insurance covers the legal liabilit insurance of the policy holder as a professional skipper/guide of a yacht of up to 100 tons. The Coverage is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR as a lump sum for personal injuries and property damage. The total sum for all insurance cases of a year is twice of sum insured.

Co-insured is:

Covered by the Commercial Extended Skipper Third Party Liability Insurance is the legal liability insurance of the insured person as a private and commercial, skipper of a chartered foreign sailing and motor yacht of up to max. 3000 PS and/or 400 m2. The insurance sum is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR for personal and property damage and additionally 100.000,- EUR for financial losses. The yacht’s liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance are obliged to perform in advance. So the Commercial Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is always subsidiary.

Covered are:

[•] Damage to the managed yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR

(in case of damage a deductible of 2.500,- is deemed as agreed)

[•] Liability claims of the Crew and guests against the insured skipper up to 3.000.000,- or 6.000.000,- EUR

(In case of property damage as far as they exceed 150,- EUR per claim)

[•] Security deposit in case of seizure in a foreign harbor up to 50.000,- EUR

[•] Claims of the yacht owner for charter losses due to a self-inflicted major damage to the yacht up to 20.000,- EUR

(the costs for the first three days of the charter loss must be partly taken by the policy holder)

[•] 1.000 EUR for hotel and travel costs to the charter base if the charter trip must be cancelled due to a damage causing an impossible return due to insufficient seaworthiness of the yacht..

The annual insurance premium including the legal insurance tax is:

Coverage sumDisplacement tPower HPMax. sail areaPrice
3.000.000 EUR15300120230,00 EUR
6.000.000 EUR15300120280,00 EUR
3.000.000 EUR30750200280,00 EUR
6.000.000 EUR30750200350,00 EUR
3.000.000 EUR1001500300450,00 EUR
6.000.000 EUR1001500300600,00 EUR
3.000.000 EUR2003000400850,00 EUR
6.000.000 EUR2003000400990,00 EUR

We also charge a one-off policy fee of 6.50 EUR including the statutory insurance tax..

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