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Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

Extended Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

The advanced professional skipper liability insurance covers the legal liabilit insurance of the policy holder as a professional skipper/guide of a yacht of up to 100 tons. The Coverage is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR as a lump sum for personal injuries and property damage. The total sum for all insurance cases of a year is twice of sum insured.

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Professional Skipper Liability Insurance

Co-insured is:

Covered by the Extended Skipper Third Party Liability Insurance for commercial skippers is the legal liability insurance of the insured person as a private and commercial, skipper of a chartered foreign sailing and motor yacht of up to 750 PS and/or 150 m² sail area. The insurance sum is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR for personal and property damage and additionally 100.000,- EUR for financial losses. The yacht’s liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance are obliged to perform in advance. So the Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is always subsidiary.
Covered are:

  • Damage to the chartered yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR
    (in case of damage a deductible of 2.500,- is deemed as agreed)
  • Liability claims of the entire crew among each other up to 3.000.000,- or 6.000.000,- EUR
    (In case of property damage as far as they exceed 150,- EUR per claim)
  • Security deposit in case of seizure in a foreign harbor up to 50.000,- EUR
  • Claims of the yacht owner for charter losses due to a self-inflicted major damage to the yacht up to 20.000,- EUR
    (the costs for the first three days of the charter loss must be partly taken by the policy holder)
  • 1.000 EUR for hotel and travel costs to the charter base if the charter trip must be cancelled due to a damage causing an impossible return due to insufficient seaworthiness of the yacht..

The annual insurance premium including the legal insurance tax is:

Sailing yachts3.000.000 EUR6.000.000 EUR
up to 10m length117,- EUR139,- EUR
over 10m length162,- EUR198,- EUR

Motor and Sailing yachts3.000.000 EUR*6.000.000 EUR*
up to 10m length130,- EUR159,- EUR
over 10m length207,- EUR234,- EUR

We also charge a one-off policy fee of 6.50 EUR including the statutory insurance tax..

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