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Skipper & Crew insurance packages

Worry-free package for the next cruise

For many years now we've placed our favorable and TOP Skipper & Crew charter insurances on the yacht market which have been well received. No matter if extended skipper liability, charter deposit, travel cancellation expenses or charter price contingency insurance are concerned. Everything can be adapted individually according to one's requirements or to the charter cruise or, for frequent charterers, one can conclude a one-year cover.

For our occasional charterers and price-conscious clients we now offer our 3 additional Skipper & Crew packages which can be concluded online via some few clicks.

Scope of cover

Extended Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance

Covered by the Extended Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is the privat legal liability insurance of the insured person as a private, non-commercial, skipper of a chartered foreign sailing and motor yacht. The insurance sum is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR for personal and property damage and additionally 100.000,- EUR for financial losses. The yacht’s liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance are obliged to perform in advance. So the Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is always subsidiary. Covered are:

  • Damage to the chartered yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR (in case of damage a deductible of 2.500,- is deemed as agreed);
  • Liability claims of the entire crew among each other up to 3.000.000,- or 6.000.000,- EUR (In case of property damage as far as they exceed 150,- EUR per claim);
  • Security deposit in case of seizure in a foreign harbor up to 50.000,- EUR;
  • Claims of the yacht owner for charter losses due to a self-inflicted major damage to the yacht up to 20.000,- EUR (the costs for the first three days of the charter loss must be partly taken by the policy holder);
  • 1.000 EUR for hotel and travel costs to the charter base if the charter trip must be cancelled due to a damage causing an impossible return due to insufficient seaworthiness of the yacht.

Insurance benefit: Examination of the question if and to what extend there is the obligation to compensate, if yes – the compensation of the damage in money, if no – the rejection of unauthorized claims for damages. If legal action is taken the insurer will lead the process and will also pay the costs.

Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts

The regatta risk is unfortunately not insurable in one package.

Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance

Covered are all cancellations costs if the charter trip is cancelled as well as all arising additional way-back costs in case of a trip interruption due to death, severe accident, unexpected, severe illness (please note insurance conditions) and further risks, less the agreed deductible (at least 100 EUR) within the conditions. The insurance applies for all down-mentioned persons as a group cover in case of losing the skipper. The costs for the arrival and departure are co-insured as far as they were demonstrably considered when calculating the insurance sum. The insurance starts upon the insurer’s acceptance of the application and expires with the end of the charter trip. Condition: The Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance can only be concluded within 21 days upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

Insurance cover

The insurance packages are limited to the insurance cover of a connected charter cruise of up to 6 weeks for the skipper and max. 9 of his/her crew members. The other benefits are similar to the already named single insurances. Condition: The Skipper & Crew packages can only be concluded within 21 days upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

Insurance benefitsInsurance packages
Package price incl. deductible270,-€355,-€490,-€
Package price without dedcuctible*320,-€420,-€580,-€
Extended third-party liability insurance
Personal- and/or property damage3.000.000€6.000.000€6.000.000€
Property loss100.000€100.000€100.000€
Damage to the chartered yacht caused by gross negligence 550.000€550.000€550.000€
Security in case of a temporary confiscation50.000€50.000€50.000€
Claims of the owner due to losses of the following charter20.000€20.000€20.000€
Hotel and travel costs after a damage 1.000€1.000€
Deposit insurance
up to



Travel cancellation expenses insurance
Max. total compensation



Travel health insurance
Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, return transport
Max. total compensation in case of invalidity: 150.000 €; Max. total compensation in case of death: 75.000 €; Rescue costs: 50.000 €

We also charge a one-off policy fee of 6.50 EUR including the statutory insurance tax.

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