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Ext. 3rd-Party Insurance for Skippers

Extended Third-Party Insurance for private Skippers

As a skipper of a foreign yacht you will be shown the greatest confidence by the crew and the yacht owner. Both, your competence as well as your sense of responsibility are the prerequisite for the job.

While others relax and enjoy the cruise, you must always be concentrated or remain witted. Cool-headed you need to make quick decisions in precarious situations, which can also end up determinded in many situations.

The lake has sometimes its own laws, but also human errors by third parties can not be influenced by the responsible skipper.

Boats usually have liability insurances. Nevertheless, it often happens that a yacht liability or comprehensive insurance does not pay in certain cases or are inadequate amounts of coverage or the scope of the contract. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you take an extended skipper liability insurance from the group of EIS charter insurance. From our own experience we know what the skipper and his crew in the worst case can come during the charter trips.

Co-insured risks by the extented skipper third-liability insurance

Covered by the Extended Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is the legal liability insurance of the insured person as a private, non-commercial, skipper of a chartered foreign sailing and motor yacht. The insurance sum is 3.000.000,- EUR or 6.000.000,- EUR for personal and property damage and additionally 100.000,- EUR for financial losses. The yacht’s liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance are obliged to perform in advance. So the Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance is always subsidiary.

Covered are:

  • Damage to the chartered yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR
    (in case of damage a deductible of 2.500,- is deemed as agreed)
  • Liability claims of the entire crew among each other up to 3.000.000,- or 6.000.000,- EUR
    (In case of property damage as far as they exceed 150,- EUR per claim)
  • Security deposit in case of seizure in a foreign harbor up to 50.000,- EUR
  • Claims of the yacht owner for charter losses due to a self-inflicted major damage to the yacht up to 20.000,- EUR
    (the costs for the first three days of the charter loss must be partly taken by the policy holder)
  • 1.000 EUR for hotel and travel costs to the charter base if the charter trip must be cancelled due to a damage causing an impossible return due to insufficient seaworthiness of the yacht.

Clear price model

The costs due for the extended third-party-insurance are structured and very cheap for the coverage content included. Three criterias lead to the respective boat charge:

Sailing yachtsMotor and Sailing yachts
up to 10m length65€77€72€88€
over 10m length90€110€115€130€

We also charge a one-off policy fee of 6.50 EUR including the statutory insurance tax.

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