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Cobblestone GPS Tracker

for boats and boat engines

The Cobblestone GPS Tracker is a smart device that can locate boats and other assets over great distances by means of satellite positioning and the mobile GSM communication network.

With Cobblestone you will have peace of mind as you will always be able to check the location of your boat and its engine. It gives an extra level of security that increases the chance of recovery in case of theft. You can also be notified if the boat moves or if it leaves its desired location, be it the marina or a storage facility.

Cobblestone is the first GPS tracker in the world that works without subscriptions or data charges. you don’t have to worry about subscriptions or buying a SIM-card, everything is included and pre-installed. Once you purchase the Cobblestone GPS tracker, it is completely free to use unlike other GPS trackers.

Cobblestone is one of the most affordable and user-friendly GPS trackers on the market. And, with the EIS Insurance promo-link, you can now get all Cobblestone products in the Copenhagen Tracker webshop at a 20 % discount for an even better price! You just need to follow this link: https://cphtrackers.com/discount/XPQ93KVPGRP3 and promo code XPQ93KVPGRP3

Key Features:

  • Built-in SIM card with free lifetime data
  • Up to 4 years of battery life with 1 track per day
  • Batteries can be exchanged at a fee when empty.
  • Convenient - No charging or wires required!
  • Small size and weight (only 6,4 cm x 6,4 cm x 2,3 cm and 88 g)
  • 5 standard tracking settings that suits most needs – and an additional option to create your own settings too!
  • Geofence: Setup your own “safe zone” – if the boat leaves the zone, you will be notified!
  • Full 2G network coverage in all EU countries, UK, NO and many other areas of the world (see map for details)
  • Very easy to set up and use with intuitive functionality
  • Feature-complete free apps for iOS, Android, or Web at app.cphtrackers.com
  • IP67 water and dust-proof
  • White, black, and shock-proof version available

The standard Cobblestone is recommended for the boat. A shockproof Cobblestone is recommended for boat engines. Multi-unit packages for boats with 2 or 3 are available at discounted prices.

Coverage maps

The Cobblestone tracker has 2G coverage agreements allowing the tracker to send its position in all countries marked in green, blue and orange on the following maps.

In orange countries the tracker can only send its position in 3 months due to roaming restrictions.

Blue countries require a one-time purchase of the area upgrade in theCopenhagen Trackers web shop for 27 €.

Connectivity cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the quality of the network at the specific location in each country.

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