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The only Dantracker you need

With a Dantracker you can spend the time on what gives you value. Stop worrying about stolen car, boat, caravan, or other assets. You'll find it again...

Dantracker benefits

  • Up to 15 years battery lifetime
  • Worldwide connection
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Free app and portal
  • Unique design – easy to install

EUR 199,-

if you are interested please contact us

Product description

  • 10 year service life
  • Built-in SIM chip, no additional SIM card required.
  • Safety guard set of subscription mtl. from 4,99eur
  • Easy to install the
  • Waterproof up to 100% and shock safe
  • In accordance with activation of the serial number return not possible
  • Free App Light Version and portal
  • Dantr field app Full Version 12,99eur
  • Geotag coordinates of the current location
  • Recording the app GPS points (Geotracking) – only with full version
  • Alarm push email at a radius of leaving the pre-set alarm – only with App Full Version
  • Easy to place in your suitcase, car, bicycle, drone, etc.
  • queries up to 14,000 GPS tracks

Safety guard is oblong, flat and rounded, with an outer diameter of 25.3 mm, a length of 202 mm and a weight of 136 grams. After the completion of subscriptions (mtl. from 4,99eur) can be installed very easily safety guard. The safety guard is 5 seconds shaken What it automatically starts. Please note: After activation of the serial number is just for info purposes, it doesn't return more possible. Built-in Sim chip with world wide GSM in the safety guard has a telescopic support built in. Because of this, you'll get GSM coverage when he position send. Safety guard works there, even where most people freezing or sweating. The battery can be used in operating temperature interval from -40 to + 85 °C. The Dantr Dewberry is a disposable product, where the battery can't be changed. He is optimised so that it only its position sends, when he 5 minutes has been nursing. With a standby time of up to 10 years and 14,000 GPS tracks, it can be usually the survival, take care of what they must be. The technology is in a dual-component mass cast, which makes sure that the tracker Waterproof and shockproof. You can run the location of the trackers on one app or a portal in I

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